Mississippi SBDC Blog http://www.mssbdc.org/ Blog posts for Mississippi SBDC en-gb msbdc@olemiss.edu Copyright 2018 Kaleidoscope of Learning, LLC http://www.mssbdc.org/blog/2017/10/kaleidoscope-of-learning-llc Kaleidoscope of Learning, LLC is a minority-woman-owned business founded in June 2003 by Glen and Patrina Dace. The main purpose of the business is to provide affordable childcare services to an increasingly diverse population in the Byram/South Jackson area. Kaleidoscope provides quality care and academic instruction to children six weeks to twelve years of age and is a Christian based school in which the business owners take pride in their Christian faith. 

The inspiration for Kaleidoscope of Learning initially began when Glen and Patrina Dace had to transport their children from the suburbs to the city. They decided that instead of making the families in their community drive for quality care, they would step up and provide it. 

When the center opened its doors in 2003, the initial enrollment was three children at 3032 Magnolia Bluff Drive in Byram, MS. Enrollment grew to a license capacity of 49 children. Prior to the expanding of the business, we began with planning. We reached out to Jackson State University - Small Business Development Center. JSU-SBDC came to our center and proved to be the most valuable use of our time and advancement of our business. Through JSU-SBDC, we completed financial projections and a sound business plan. Our counselor at the time was Sydney Brown. Mr. Brown was extremely helpful and provided detailed and concise assistance. 

The center eventually outgrew its beginning phase and is now located at 335 Byram Drive in Byram, MS. Today our enrollment has grown to 150 children. 

"Our advice to future/current business owners is to do proper planning before opening a business. We were fortunate to know about the services offered at the JSU-SBDC center. 

The technical assistance offered at the center has been invaluable. Our current counselor, Ms. Aletha Washington, has been very involved and meticulous in the planning process of our expansion. The services offered at the center are paid with taxpayer dollars, and we cannot be more pleased to know that our tax dollars are making such a vital investment in our communities.

Having a counselor on your side provides the partnership needed to be a successful business owner. Also, as business owners, it is important to have courage, effective communication, and alliances. We are proud members of The City of Jackson Chambers of Commerce and Byram Business Association."
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