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Everything Kayak

Gulfport, MS
“I first came to the GC SBDC before transitioning from the NAVY. I wanted to find out how to start my kayak business correctly. Stephen Whitt, Mitch McDowell, and Connie Whitt all provided assistance to me.  Stephen Whitt was my initial contact and provided me assistance with business plan information, business structures, marketing and advertising for my business. He was very valuable in helping me obtain lease space and when I outgrew that he assisted me in obtaining a great lease in my new location.  Mitch McDowell reviewed my business plan and financial projections. He assisted me with information on applying for a Patriot Express Loan which I did and received to start my ‘Everything Kayak’ business.

Connie Whitt helped me with information on where to apply for my LLC, business license, EIN#, and basic advertising information. Stephen, Mitch, and Connie continue to listen to and make recommendations for my rapid growth and expansion.  I recently relocated my business to a larger facility (10,000 square feet). Stephen, Mitch and Connie have provided great mentorship during my many business decisions over the last 3 years. I look forward to their continued assistance and consider them a valuable resource.”  -Michael Pornovets

The MSBDC looks forward to an enduring relationship with Everything Kayak as the business flourishes and grows.  We applaud the success Michael has enjoyed and wish him the very best as he continues on his journey.

Everything Kayak
15240 Creosote Rd.
Gulfport, MS 39593
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