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MS Microgreens

Yazoo City, MS

Tiny plants are big business, just ask 22-year-old Daniel Quinn, CEO of MS Microgreens from Yazoo City, MS. Daniel grows trays of microgreens for his clients, some of whom are chefs in some of the most popular restaurants in Jackson, MS. Small but mighty microgreens, are taking the culinary world by storm. Chefs and foodies alike are extoling the virtues of the small plants that have more intense flavor and better nutrition profiles than their more mature counterparts. Only 2 to 3 inches tall, the plants are larger than sprouts but smaller than baby greens, with only two leaves. “Microgreens can be a difficult item to source for restaurants and they are happy to have dependable local source,” said Daniel.

Pictured from left : Shanda Nash, MDRS counselor, Jim Harper, MSBDC Regional Director, Daniel Quinn, CEO MS Microgreens and Kristin Brock, MSRS Deputy District Manager

MS Microgreens, only in the second year of business, sells out the entire crop of 20 trays each week. Daniel’s success may look it “grew overnight” but it is the result of months and months of careful research, planning and hard work before he ever saw the first tiny green leaf peek above the growing medium. Luckily, he had great support from the Mississippi Department of Rehabilitative Services and the Mississippi Small Business Development Center, who joined together to form a team to help Daniel start his business.

The MSDRS is a state agency that provides resources to help Mississippians with disabilities find new careers and live more independently. Daniel, who is on the Autism Spectrum, approached his vocational rehab counselor about hydroponic crops and vertical growing as business idea.

After a lot of discussion and research with his counselors, he settled on microgreens as the way forward.

After finalizing the business idea, the MSDRS reached out to Jim Harper, director of the MSBDC at Hinds Community College for assistance in getting the business set up and started. “I assisted with cash flow projections, market research and helped formulate the legal entity,” said Jim. “The MSRS then assisted with start-up supplies to get the business going,” said Kristin Brock deputy district manager for MSDRS. “We all met once every two weeks to stay on the same page. It was tiny steps at first, but we got to the top of the mountain.”

“Daniel a smart, hard-working young man with a bright future and we are happy that we were able to be a part of his story. We can’t wait to see what he does with this business and of course we are here to help chart his next chapter when he is ready,” said Jim.

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